A Thanksgiving Prayer

In a Beautiful Way we come together in gratitude

in this season of reflection, hand in hand

we join with all people and draw our voices toward kindnessb2ap3_thumbnail_children-in-circle.jpg

draw our minds toward civility

we acknowledge the truth that peace has flourished

among nations before this time, on this land

and with our steadfast work, peace shall flourish again.


In a Beautiful Way we draw together to protect Mother Earth

especially the Indigenous Holy Lands on Turtle Island

b2ap3_thumbnail_yuccamt.jpglike the Black Hills, Klamath River, Yucca Mountain, Big Mesa, and Burial Mounds of Ohio

 Turtle Sister, Eagle Brother, Grandmother Stones, Grandfather Cedar

 we are humbled before you and acknowledge our human dependence

we ask that you protect and empower Indigenous sovereignty.

In a Beautiful Way we draw together to nurture happiness

we smile at our differences, yet feel the same pulse of lifesquash.jpg

in each other’s hands

we set a basket of corn, beans, and squash before all world leaders

so their human minds will open with their teachings

so their human hearts will melt from their sweetness

as our own hearts soften now in prayer.

In this moment as we come together as a different, but united, people

clasping hands from First Woman to seven generations in the future

we pray for human, animal, plant and earth wounding to heal

we respect Indigenous Wisdom about how to live properly

upon this holy planet

we ask for courage for those who work for goodness in dark places.



In a Beautiful Way we give thanks

 for the human ability to begin again

 no matter how far astray we have gone

 Holy Ones, make our lives into models of hope, as we ask now

singing this prayer of Thanksgiving together.

With the strength of our union, the future eternally dawns with promise.

--copyright 2015, Dr. Mays.