I live near a beautiful river in British Columbia where our local First Nations peoples have lived for over 3000 years. Not far from my home in the Slocan Valley, right beside the river, are hundreds of ancient pit houses.

An easy access trail takes me through cedars, larch, pine, fir trees and soapalali, where long footfalls have tread on Mother Earth.

There is one particular pit house, the largest one that was a community gathering place that always calls to me when I make the trek in.

Today was no exception. I placed the four directions stones that were near the pit house, then lit my offering of tobacco, placing beside it a Royal Lazel stone.

I walked around inside the pit house having grounded my feet into the Earth, calling in the four directions spirits and my Native teacher, Dreamwalker Silver Eagle, who is now in the Spirit world. I called upon Sananda, Jesus, as he is bestowal son of Earth, he cares for us, the people. I prayed for people who are currently filled with fear, asking Creator to again dispel the fear that many people have currently tied into. I asked for the powers that be, those who are trying to fool us, trying to dupe us with their lies and agendas, for this to be made known. I asked for the Fire of Phoenix to burn away all illusions. I called upon The Goddess to lighten the Earth and save her from doom.

I lit my tobacco as I prayed and chanted, then just as the smoke began to burn down, I heard the voice of an eagle, and I turned my gaze upward to where she was. A giant bald eagle sat in the tallest pine directly above me. She'd heard my prayer, and sent it to the limitless heights. I was sure of that. Planetary citizens, please continue to pray, knowing full well that our prayers are heard. AHO!