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Update on Ch Ch Ch Changes

I was talking to my daughter about the big eyed girl I saw before falling asleep the other night.

She got all excited and said that she had a dream about her about a year ago.  We described the same girl to each other.  I told her how I used my safe color and my personal space circle to help "push" her out until I'm ready to talk to her.  

My daughter then said that the day after I saw the girl, that my daughter was upstairs in her room, I was in the basement in my office working, and everyone else was gone.  She had heard someone walking around and went to investigate.  She thought maybe it was out dog looking for company, but he was asleep in his bed.  I was on a call and the doors were all closed up.  She knows she heard soft footsteps.  I believe we have someone trying to reach out to us.  I will need to find time to make contact.

I find it interesting and in a way validating when there's someone else who can sense and "see" what I sense and see.  

For far too long when I was young, I was told it was my imagination and to just let it go.  I do not tell my kids this.  Nor will I ever.  We had decided early on, when my husband and I first met and after we had been together for a while, and as he found out my little "abilities" that we would never hold our kids back from discovering their own.  

My husband has his own empathic ability, but like most males (meaning no offense to any males out there reading this - as you are obviously more opened and in touch with your abilities), he tends to hide it or ignore it.  There are times when he does stay open, but would rather not have it "open" all the time.  My son is much the same way as my husband is.  He can see auras and has empathic abilities, but choses to not be open to them all the time.  My girls, well, my 15 year old is the one that I referenced earlier.  She sees and senses a lot.  Even when she is at her friend's house, she tells me of spirits that linger there.  My youngest daughter is 13, and she is a natural healer.  She can sense when someone is "off" and will take them under her wing until they feel better.  Unfortunately, she has been used often by her "friends" because of this.  I keep working on her to build a little barrier with a "door" in it to help hold some of these feelings at bay.

It's a learning process and one that I am fortunate to be going through with my family.  

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I am a wife and mother of three children, a Reiki Master Teacher, a Belly Dance Instructor as well as a very curious creature.


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