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What if your belly — the most maligned feature of women's bodies — were not shameful but sacred? What if your belly were home to the profound wisdom, power, and guidance ready to reveal itself to you through image, breath, story, and ritual? What if your body's center were in fact sacred space, temple of the Sacred Feminine as She lives within you?

If you want to make peace with your body and your belly — if you want to claim the treasure waiting for you within your body's core — join me on this journey of discovery. We'll invoke story, image, breath, ritual, and more as we go.

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On The Origins Of Belly Magic is magic, and what particularly is “belly magic”?

In one sense, magic is a process through which we influence events, producing an outcome to our liking. We cast a spell, we shape events according to our will. Borrowing terms from quantum physics, we collapse waves of possibility into actuality according to our intention.

In another sense, magic is a process of aligning our individual will with universal purpose. Borrowing words ascribed to Jesus, we might say “Thy will be done, O Lord, not mine.”


Both the Rite for Reconsecrating Our Womanhood and the Rite for Invoking the Sacred Feminine (each a sequence of 23 belly-energizing, power-centering movement and breathing exercises) culminate in the Alignment gesture enacting these words:

May all my actions be effortless;
may my heart’s desires be manifest;
may the universe accomplish her purpose through me.


As we align our individual wills with universal purpose — with the All-That-Is however you name this all-embracing Power of Being — what needs doing gets done. What needs to happen does happen: often playfully, by synchronicity and serendipity, as if by magic.

Our body’s center, our bellies, play into the magical process through the umbilical connection between ourselves and the worlds in which we live.

Picture yourself as a sphere nested within an ever-expanding set of congruent spheres, all sharing the same center. In this context, your body’s center is in instant, intimate communication with the center of every other sphere, extending throughout the universe unbounded. Allow a vivid image of your heart’s desire to come alive within your belly, imbue it with your gut determination, and you’ve broadcast that image to the world at large.

Or picture yourself as a torus, a spherical vortex in which “inner” is continuous with “outer.” In this context, incoming energies concentrate to a single point within your body’s center, then emerge from this point out into the world. Your body’s center is the one-point through which form dissolves into formlessness, and at the same time the one-point regenerating formlessness into form. Your body's center is the crucible of transformation.



Heaven and Earth

In the Rite for Reconsecrating Our Womanhood, as we enact the gesture named Heaven and Earth, we stand with feet more than hip-width apart, arms reaching upwards, our bodies shaping a double triangle. In this posture, we embody a cross-section of the torus.

Embodying the double triangle, we also call forth the similar shapes that form the Sri Yantra, an ancient portal into the presence of the Great Goddess.

The words accompanying this gesture articulate the co-creative relationship between self and world:

We acknowledge ourselves
as creation and creator
of heaven and earth.

We receive energy from the universe into our body’s center and we send energy out into the universe from our body’s center. We live within the torus-flow of life energy.

In the Rite for Invoking the Sacred Feminine, the Heaven and Earth gesture invokes the sense of ourselves as nested within congruent spheres of being. The gesture enacts this body prayer addressed to the Sacred Feminine:

Come, awaken your presence within me.
Be seeded within my womb
as I am seeded in yours.
Within this womb-point, this one-point,
we meet and know ourselves
to be the same.

Our Human Ancestry

What about the origin of “belly magic”?

The origin of belly magic may be as ancient as our human ancestors’ upright posture. Belly magic may have played a part in the first modern humans’ primacy with respect to the Neanderthal population in Europe and western Asia. Belly magic may have equipped the human species with the capacity to survive and the opportunity to continue evolving.

In the next installment, I’ll reveal ways in which humans’ uniquely large brains and unique capacity to walk upright might have made belly magic absolutely necessary to the continuity of humankind.


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The Woman's Belly Book: Finding Your True Center for More Energy, Confidence, and Pleasure — info at — shares what I've learned during 25 years of exploring the mystery and power of the body's center.

The French edition, published by Le Courrier du Livre, arrives in January 2016!

It's today's best-kept secret: Your body's center, your belly, is home to your core life force. It's the site of your soul power, the source of your passion and creativity, your intuition and sense of purpose, your courage and confidence.

My greatest joy? Inspiring women to activate our body-centered soul power so that we may express ourselves all the more as the gutsy woman we are.


  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Monday, 02 September 2013

    As a man, I will not presume to add much to this excellent treatise, except the observations that (as I'm sure you know) the Martial Artists of Asia have long held the solar plexus to be the seat of power; also, that the cross-section of the spindle torus is also known as the Vesica Piscis.

  • Lisa Sarasohn
    Lisa Sarasohn Monday, 02 September 2013

    Ted, thanks for your comment!


  • Ted Czukor
    Ted Czukor Tuesday, 03 September 2013

    I see from your other website that you were at Kripalu in the good old days. I wonder if you knew my friends and colleagues Joy Lee Erik and Sally Cheney?


  • Lisa Sarasohn
    Lisa Sarasohn Saturday, 07 September 2013

    Ted, I might have known Joy and Sally by their Sanskrit names. Mine was Laxna, pronounced Lakshena.


  • Paola Suarez
    Paola Suarez Friday, 06 September 2013

    Love the information you've shared in this post and your book Rite for Reconsecrating Our Womanhood. I've added it to my wishlist so I can order it soon. The rite you share sounds like it could easily be adapted for maiden and girl circles. :)

  • Lisa Sarasohn
    Lisa Sarasohn Saturday, 07 September 2013

    Paola, yes! The Rite is wonderful for maiden and girl circles, with the girls coming up with their own gestures to act out the story. Have fun with it!

    FYI, there's also a DVD that demonstrates and teaches the yoga moves I've sequenced with the ritual -- which may be more elaborate than would suit your purposes. Info is at and it's available on Amazon, too.

    Bright blessings!" alt="" />

  • Paola Suarez
    Paola Suarez Saturday, 07 September 2013

    Thank you for the extra info Lisa! I will check out the DVD as well. It may be good for my older female clients. Blessings to you as well! :)

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