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I am intrigued with living and conceptualizing the emerging paradigm of the Sacred Feminine. May you experience this blog as a Circle where you can breathe in to who you are. May you find new dimensions to yourself.

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Why Success Deepens your Spiritual Path

Success brings you to your edge- and that’s where the growth happens. Being successful means to accomplish something, to be in balance, and to contribute to society and coworkers. To accomplish something means you are wrestling with the material to create something where there was nothing. To do that AND  to be in balance is not straightforward! It means you are able to let go and let come, to make great effort without getting adrenalized, and to work with the flow of things, to name a few. These are spiritual qualities. It takes you far beyond the realm of protocol and right behavior. It asks that you walk a razor’s edge, always balancing opposites.  It means you recognize a greater truth then can be captured in words. That IS what the spiritual journey is about!

Then to ALSO contribute to coworkers means that while in this process you are also aware of the interhuman level and are able to not be hooked into ego patterns. In every situation, you are both able to see the other person and be caring, yet stay grounded in the bigger process and what needs to happen. Again, this is beyond what protocol, rules and regulations can give you. This demands an inner source of wisdom. And that is exactly what spirituality is about.

Contributing to society means you bring forth a unique something that could only come through you, meaning you are able to tap into very personal innate powers. You enter an area where no one can show you the way, and you yourself become the trail blazer. You need to know yourself and your personal mission, your gifts and your talents as well as your weaknesses and wounds. Yet again, these are spiritual qualities.

The journey to success asks that you develop all these qualities, and brings you exactly those challenges that bring you up against your wall, and in your need you will open up to qualities you didn’t yet know you had. Exactly this is what in ancient tribal communities would be offered as an initiation rite. Also, it will ask that you find and commit to a practice to develop and grow these qualities in a more sustained way. And exactly that is what spiritual practices like praying or meditating are about.

In the past, we have seen many other reasons to go for success, leading to blowing up of ego patterns, disbalance, and a high price in our relationships with people and earth. For many of us, we  no longer fit in this system. We intuit that spirituality is needed for success. That is, to create first class products and services we need spirituality.  We are actively bringing this into practice.  We worked on ourselves and the workfloor has radically changed thanks to the many people living this. What is not yet fully acknowledged, is how the opposite is also true: success is needed for spiritual awakening. Those of us who deal with patterns that avoid success, we keep ourselves safe from that very edge where we can grow further. We are the fledglings that never leave the nest, and never test our newly grown wings.

I have become intrigued by this topic, as I was running up against a wall in the spiritual program I was teaching. I witnessed how my students healed and awakened, but I also witnessed how they did not fully take it into the world. There seemed to be a barrier invisible to both them and me. This was for me very strange, as for me I started teaching my first Tarot course soon after I had received one weekend workshop. Not that I would generally advice this, but it illustrates how for me it has always been natural to bring into practice my spiritual awakenings. So I had a really had a hard time to see what was blocking others.

This barrier became  more and more important to me, as I felt that my spiritual teachings were wasted when not brought to full fruition in the world. Also, I understood that it mirrored that I was running up against a barrier in myself, as the growth of my training program started to stagnate. Together this lead me to taking a sabbatical, and withdrawing to understand what was happening. In the relative peace that followed, I began to understand that I had been omitting one essential thing: I hadn’t been speaking about how for me the journey to success had been quintessential to my spiritual awakening. So joyful to start speaking about this now!




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I offer Sacred Space Online Events and a Priestess Training in Avalon, Egypt, Crete and Netherlands. This is just the beginning of my bio, and I know it’s already so much. I published a book in Netherlands: Living In Bliss, The Path of Initiation in Ancient Goddess Cultures (in Dutch). What intrigues me now is leaving behind old structures and being ever more true to the moment. I live next to the sea with my dog and cat, and love travel and dancing. Read more about me on


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