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A Celebration of Life and Fertility!

Happy Beltane / May Day, fellow Witches and Pagans!

Beltane, which bridges the seasons of spring and summer, is arguably one of the most important and/or popular Celtic festivals out there and we’re doing all we can to help you celebrate. With that in mind, we’ve gathered the most relevant articles from across PaganSquare for your perusing. Additionally we’ve also gathered other pieces from across the web to inaugurate your summer celebrations as well as a few pieces about Earth Day, which passed earlier last week.

We hope you all enjoy your Beltane and have a wonderful summer!

-Aryós Héngwis

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Aryós Héngwis (or the more modest Héngwis for short) is a native of the Pontic-Caspian steppe, born some 5000 years ago, near the village of Dereivka. In his youth he stood out from the other snakes for his love of learning and culture, eventually coming into the service of the local reǵs before moving westward toward Europe. Most recently, Aryós Héngwis left his home to pursue a new life in America, where he has come under the employ of BBI Media as an internet watchdog (or watchsnake, if you will), ever poised to strike the unwary troll.


  • irene boyce
    irene boyce Monday, 04 May 2015

    Hi Aryos,

    I have only recently discovered you beautiful people on this site...although I'm still struggling to figure out how it works on little time!

    But I have an awesome story to tell. Would you care to share?

    All my life I've known I've been walking a destined path. As a teenager 13/14 ish, I was walking home from school when my mind simply cleared and it came to me that one day I had a job to do for God, a BIG job. This felt perfectly natural to me, I took note and filed it to the back of my mind. My life has been like a jig-saw I had to solve and I've solved it. As you will be aware, we live in an inside out, upside down world! A world which I have long been on a mission to save! As we are all aware the human race needs to change its ways drastically if we are to save mother earth from catastrophe.

    Here follows a sample of my work and in numerology my number is 999, the opposite of 666. ;) Check it out later on in script.

    Glastonbury is said to be the centre of the spiritual world where Jesus was reputedly schooled. Could Jesus have been a Pagan? He said he'd be back at the end of the age to usher in the golden age, could his story be written in the songs of the stars and the magicians hand book? You decide.

    Glastonbury festival has become the centre of world music, the late Andrew Kerr incorporated the concepts of sacred geometry into the creation of the Pyramid Stage.

    R.I.P. Andrew Kerr.

    At Midsummer in 1971 a group of 12,000 people gathered on fields at Pilton in Somerset for the Glastonbury Fair, watching musical acts that included David Bowie, Arthur Brown and Hawkwind.

    Kerr was an enthusiastic follower of the antiquarian John Michell, whose book The View Over Atlantis had become a cult bestseller. Adopting Michell’s ideas, Kerr incorporated the concepts of sacred geometry into the creation of the Pyramid Stage, which went on to become such a lauded and central feature of the Glastonbury Festival.
    The stage was conceived by Kerr and the designer Bill Harkin as a one-10th scale replica of the Great Pyramid at Giza. Harkin told me, “I had a dream about standing at the back of a stage and seeing two beams of light forming a pyramid and took that as a message. Andrew gave me John Michell’s number and we spent some hours discussing it...”

    The stage location was chosen at what Kerr believed would be exactly the right spot, over a spring which he had found by dowsing, connected to the Stonehenge-Glastonbury ley line. The timing of the event, at Midsummer, was Kerr’s inspiration, aligning the festival to the pagan calendar. “What we were trying to do,” he explained, “was to stimulate the Earth’s nervous system with joy, appreciation and happiness so that our Mother planet would respond by breeding a happier, more balanced race of men, animals and plants.”

    Said John Michell..."The important discoveries about the past have been made not so much through the present refined techniques of treasure hunting and grave robbery, but through the intuition of those whose faith in poetry led them to scientific truth."

    The New Jerusalem.

    In John Michell’s book The New View Over Atlantis he states regarding the number 666…”The Puritans and those others whose opposition to the old magical practices brought about the Reformation, compiled their scheme to exclude the number 666. To them the beast represented some absolute principle of evil, irreconcilable with the iron rule of humanly created morality. The beast, like the dragon, had to be suppressed.”

    The importance of reconstructing the pattern on the floor of the Old Church at Glastonbury was repeatedly emphasized in Bligh Bond’s scripts. One of them said: You know that in this designing of the Floor lies the future prophesy of Glastonbury, together with the inward secrets of Christianity.
    Bond understood full well how significant was the pattern, here identified as the ‘New Jerusalem’ diagram, which his spiritually guided researches were revealing at Glastonbury. He saw in its emergence the rebirth of the Gnosis, that synthesis of religion, philosophy and mystical science which was inherited by the early Christians and later suppressed by the authoritarian Church. The Gnosis offered direct access to the mysteries by methods similar to those Bligh Bond was using to inform the archaeological work, and the philosophy associated with it was based on recognition and acceptance of all aspects of nature, irrespective of any moral conventions. For these reasons it became odious to the Church which, from the second century onward, set out to exterminate all relics of ancient knowledge and science as hindrances to its own moral law and doctrines. Bligh Bond did not merely dabble in ‘forbidden knowledge'; he openly advocated and furthered its resurgence. There was no reconciling his views with those of the new owners of Glastonbury Abbey, the Church of England, and his dismissal was inevitable. Typifying the nature of the misunderstanding was the matter of the number 666 in the Glastonbury dimensions.

    Revelation. Chapter 13 v 18.

    Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

    In John Michell's book The City of Revelation, he suggests that the beast rising out of the sea and Christ are one and the same...

    We live in an inside out upside down world. In numerology my number is 999. ...

    In the early 90's I went to war with the newly privatized Yorkshire Water 'Services?' who were pumping raw sewage into the sea while robbing us blind...



    The Beast

    Who can find the Beast?
    She's big...(Oh yes!)
    she's bad...(Really bad according to some!)
    she's wicked...(Totally wicked!)
    she's sad...(How many children suffering???!!!)
    Who can fight the Beast?

    In the beginning there was Genesis...and the angel Gabriel did sing...Supper's Ready.

    Dragons coming out of the sea,
    Shimmering silver head of wisdom looking at me.
    He brings down the fire from the skies,
    You can tell he's doing well by the look in human eyes.
    Better not compromise.
    It won't be easy. ...5.54 in.

    666 is no longer alone,
    He's getting out the marrow in your back bone,
    And the seven trumpets blowing sweet rock and roll,
    Gonna blow right down inside your soul.
    Pythagoras with the looking glass reflects the full moon,
    In blood, he's writing the lyrics of a brand new tune.

    There's an angel standing in the sun, and he's crying with a loud voice,
    "This is the supper of the mighty one",
    Lord of Lords,
    King of Kings,
    Has returned to lead his children home,
    To take them to the new Jerusalem.

    John Michell The New View Over Atlantis. Page. 186.

    The New Jerusalem.
    The importance of reconstructing the pattern on the floor of the Old Church at Glastonbury was repeatedly emphasized in Bligh Bond's scripts. One of them said: 'You know that in this designing of the floor lies the future prophesy of Glastonbury, together with the inward secrets of Christianity.

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