Dark Horse Comics publishes a new story about mage hunters of BioWare's popular Dragon Age setting. Jason Mankey takes on some of the common myths about Christmas. And Disney pushes for a series of films about Merlin. It's Airy Monday, our weekly segment about magic and religion in pop culture! All this and more for the Pagan News Beagle!

If you're a fan of high fantasy you've probably heard of Dragon Age, BioWare's popular fantasy setting for video games that features a world torn between humans and non-humans, mages and non-mages. In Dragon Age: Magekiller, Dark Horse Comics details the latter conflict in a story penned and drawn by comic veterans Greg Rucka and Carmen Carnero. Comics Alliance reviews the first issue here.

Are you a fan of Japanese horror? What about survival horror games? If the answer is yes to either you might be interested in checking out this review of the game Yomawari, recently released in Japan, about a little girl searching for her older sister and dog when they both disappear.

Skirt or no skirt? Skin or no skin? When it comes to their costumes it's often hard to stop ourselves from policing what superheroines can wear. Feminist website The Mary Sue explains why and also why sometimes it's important to approach the subject with subtlety and nuance rather than swinging hard one way or the other.

Christmas is swift approaching, which means carols are crowding the airwaves, decorations are going up on every house and in every store, and people are busy shopping for gifts. It also means that it's the time of year when many of us Pagans get a special sort of glee out of poking holes in Christians' knowledge of Christmas. But do we really know better? Jason Mankey explains some of the Pagan myths about Christmas.

Now that the Harry Potter and Twilight films are over, Hollywood studios are searching for the next big young adult fantasy series to adapt to film. Could the answer lie in Arthurian mythology? As this article at io9 details, it would seem that Disney believes the answer is "yes" as they tap Lord of the Rings screenwriter Philippa Boyens to adapt T.A. Barron's Merlin series.