This week on Earthy Thursday we take a look at the world of plants, fungi, and other non-animal organisms. We often think of these seemingly "vegetative" lifeforms as less alive than animals but I think you'll agree that after seeing the stories we've gathered that's far from the truth. Additionally, we've got a few extra stories, including one about the Yellowstone supervolcano.

The word "animal" is directly related to the word "animate" but animals aren't the only organisms to move around. Geek hub io9's got some great time-lapsed footage of plants and fungi in motion, albeit at a much slower pace than their animalistic kin.

Industrial agriculture has been the bedrock of the world's food supply for more than a century. But is large-scale industrial agriculture the only way to sustain a modern population? This article from The Splendid Table looks at one alternative source of fresh produce.

You may or may not have heard of the Yellowstone supervolcano, which is the largest volcanic system in North America, but this article is sure to grab your interest. Read about how geologists are investigating the volcano's newly discovered magma reservoir and how that might help them assess the risk to humans posed by the massive hotspot.

Throughout the 20th century California was America's—and to some extent, the world's—bread basket. However, the massive drought is threatening California's ability to supply the same amount of food as in the recent past. Could the American South be a substitute?

Lastly, scientists take a look at how plants detect and respond to predators. As it turns out, they're quite a bit more resistant to being eaten than we generally assume.