Create Your Own Magical Jewelry!

The power behind magical jewelry springs from three primary sources: the spell (infused into the piece by its creator), the symbolism (for example, the choice of colors or the use of sentimental items), and the innate properties of the materials used.

But the most potent power of magical jewelry lies in its ability to act as a tangible symbol, a magical sigil reminding the wearer of its magical goal. As the intent (both of the maker and the wearer) counts most, magical jewelry can be made out of most anything as long as the intent is there. Still, it is fun to draw inspiration from age-old traditions when creating your own personal spell. For that reason, start by doing a bit of research: grab your favorite magical encyclopedia and read through the tables of correspondence; check out all the elements of your potential creation, from the type of jewelry itself to the materials out of which you will construct it. What you are looking for isn’t just the one-and-only abracadabra material, but for what resonates with you (or, if you are creating a gift, with the intended recipient).

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Seeds of Light in the Darkness

head_Ruby-Sara_wp-19The Gift of Bees in the Season of Candlemas 

Some say that unto bees a share is given Of the Divine Intelligence, and to drink Pure draughts of ether; for God permeates all – Earth, and wide ocean, and the vault of heaven – From whom flocks, herds, men, beasts of every kind, Draw each at birth the fine essential flame. — The Georgics, Virgil

There is a serpent that lives in the earth. Quietly slumbering now in the season of snow and dream, she breathes in and out the white bees from her great mouth, and shifts just so in the heartbeat darkness at the center of the spinning planet. Imbolc, the season of singing in our winter sleep; season of hope and feast of light. Candlemas, the coming of Bride, the advent of snowdrops and milk, poetry and fire. Starlight. The moss beneath the cold, the cold mixed with melt, the cold so sweet it electrifies the mind with memories of red fruit and blackberries. A stag with butter-yellow candles arrayed on his holy tines. Prophecy and purification.

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