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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Tools of the Magic Trade

With crystal magic, you can make sure your own ritual accessories and tools as you wish. Your intentions and personal energy are the driving forces behind the enchantments you create. For many people, their most important tool is the wand, but don’t be afraid to experiment with new mystical implements. You’ll be amazed as the various crystal accoutrements hold and collect the energy of all your magical workings and your power grows.

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Introduction to Birthstones and Astrogemology

Birthstones are very special stones that have traditionally been correlated with every month of the year. Hallmark didn’t invent the concept of birthstones, however; it came from the Bible! In Exodus chapters 28 and 39, there is much discussion about a burnished and stone-set breastplate of the High Priest of the Hebrews. Here is the biblical description of the breastplate: 

And he made the breastplate, artistically woven like the workmanship of the ephod, of gold, blue, purple, and scarlet thread, and of fine woven linen. They made the breastplate square by doubling it; a span was its length and a span its width when doubled. And they set in it four rows of stones: a row with a sardius, a topaz, and an emerald was the first row; the second row, a turquoise, a sapphire, and a diamond; the third row, a jacinth, an agate, and an amethyst; the fourth row, a beryl, an onyx, and a jasper. They were enclosed in settings of gold in their mountings. There were twelve stones according to the names of the sons of Israel: according to their names, engraved like a signet, each one with its own name according to the twelve tribes. (NKJV, Exod. 39:8-14) 

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Tips 'n' Tricks: Mixing Crystals

Here are some tips about stones not mixing together in jewelry, as their energies cancel each other out:

  • Carnelian counteracts amethyst, as it connects more strongly with the body. 
  • Lapis lazuli stimulates the mind, and blue lace agate relaxes it. 
  • Lapis lazuli and turquoise are also opposites, although I can’t help but notice that this didn’t stop the Egyptians from using them together! 
  • Turquoise dampens the energy of malachite.
  • Diamonds and turquoise have such different energies that they conflict.
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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Magic Metals: Copper

“This is the metal most consciously worn as a healer, as evidenced by the many copper bracelets you see on wrists. If worn on the left side of the body, copper is thought to have the power to actually prevent sickness. The latest fad I’ve noticed has golfers embracing copper to help strengthen their wrists to improve their swings. Healers place their faith in copper’s power to heal the body and mind based on its power as a conductor. Copper supports and reinforces the mineral content of gems and crystals so they interact better with your body. One school of thought propounds the belief that a crystal wand wound with copper is super-powered. You will notice that some of the healing rocks discussed in this book have copper as a trace element, which greatly amps up their power. Some of these copper-ore gemstones are azurite, chrysocolla, malachite, and turquoise. Copper reacts best with stones containing a lot of metal and reacts very little with stones that lack metal ore in their makeup. Tiger’s-eye, aventurine, rhodonite, and mica are metal-rich stones whose energies combine beautifully with copper. Do not place most crystalline stones in copper; the same holds true with pearls and coral. Amethyst is one of the only crystalline stones that will work well with copper. Copper also cooperates with gold and silver, and a multi-metal bracelet with the right stone is a powerful piece for healing! 

Copper is found around the world and has been utilized since ancient times for tools, for decoration, and for jewelry. It has played a significant role in the cultures of the Greeks and Romans, Native Americans, Egyptians, and peoples in India, China, and Japan. Copper, which is ruled by Venus, was believed to be able to protect against evil and is said to attract love, especially if set with emeralds. The Egyptians relied upon copper for the ritual of burying the dead. Copper is deeply ingrained in our human history for its use as sacred knives, candleholders in early churches, Asian prayer diagrams, purification vessels, and countless other holy instruments. 

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Magic Metals: Gold

Gold is beloved for its sheen and purity. Whether white or yellow, it is a fantastic energy conductor. Gold enhances any gem or stone and encourages the action of said stone with a dose of quickening energy. It is a symbol of wealth and personal power and accentuates any gem or crystal. Gold also accentuates you. 

The softest and the strongest metal, gold never tarnishes and seems to stay beautiful and perfect through anything; it’s impermeable to weather and the effects of aging. This is an adaptable, mutable metal and maintains its unity in alloys. 

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Tips 'n' Tricks: Wear This At Work

Geode jewelry can bring you success at work. At my favorite metaphysical five-and-dimes, I have been seeing baby geodes that can easily be glued to a fabric choker band or are already in pre-made pendants. If you are feeling like you are in a slump at work or want to impress the boss, begin wearing a pretty and professional geode necklace and things will be looking up soon! If this style is not for you, just buy a geode, set it on your desk, and look at it while picturing yourself climbing the ladder of success.

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Middle Earth Magic: How to Use a Crystal Ball

Crystal balls have their own authority and they can strongly influence the development of our psychic abilities. You should think of the crystal as a container that houses your energy. Make sure it feels right for you. The crystal should feel comfortable to hold—not too heavy and not too light. You should not allow anyone else to touch your crystal ball. If someone does touch it, place the ball in a bowl of sea salt overnight to cleanse it of outside energy and influence. Because quartz crystal balls have an inherent power, you have to practice working with them first. Pure quartz crystal balls can be quite expensive, but the price is worthwhile if you are serious about harnessing your intuition and using it for good. Don’t expect your experiences to be like the movies. Most of the people I know who use crystal balls, including many healers and teachers, see cloudy and smoky images.

Work with a partner to sharpen your psychic skills. Sit directly across from your partner with the crystal ball between you. Close your eyes halfway and look at the ball and into the ball while harnessing your entire mind. Empty out all other thoughts and focus as hard as you can. You will sense your third eye, the traditional seat of psychic awareness, begin to open and project into the crystal ball. By practicing this way, you will train your mind. The patterns you see will become clearer and your impressions more definite. You should trust that what you are seeing is real. Find a place of knowing, as I do with my stomach. Verbalize to your partner what you see, and then listen to your partner as she reveals her visions to you. After at least three rounds of individual reading and revealing, share visions at the same time to learn whether you are seeing the same things!

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