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Healing for Your Love Life: A New Beginning Spell

This spell is excellent to use after a heartbreak or a trying time you may have had in your relationship with a current partner. In the event of a breakup, it may help you meet someone new; otherwise, it can heal hurts between you and your partner and bring on a new phase in your existing relationship. On a Monday morning before dawn, light one pink and one blue candle. Touch each candle with lily, freesia, or jasmine oil. Lay a lily on your altar, adding some fresh catnip if you can get it. Place a lapis lazuli stone in front of the lily, and a glass of water next to it atop a mirror. Chant:

Healing starts with new beginnings.

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Garden of Prosperity: A Ritual to Plant New Beginnings into Your Life

Nature is the ultimate creator. At a nearby gardening store or hardware store, get an assortment of seed packets to plant newness into your life. If your thumb is not the greenest, try a wildflower mix or poppies, which are extremely hardy and will grow quickly and spread, beautifying any area. They reseed themselves, which is a lovely bonus.

On a new moon morning, draw a square in your yard with a “found in nature” wand, a fallen branch. Apartment dwellers can use a planter on a deck or a big pot for this ritual. Each corner of the square needs a candle and a special stone. I get my stones at new age bookstores, which often have the shiny tumbled versions for as little as one dollar. Mark the corners as follows:

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Experiencing the End of the World

Dreams about the world ending often signify that there are fears and anxieties in your waking life, usually about something in your future. If there are big changes coming your way, this dream can represent your world, as you know it, coming to an end. All things must come to an end eventually, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less frightening when they do. Though you might be traveling on unfamiliar roads, remember that the ending of one chapter leads to the beginning of another.

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Dreams on Dying

If you are the person who has died in your dream, there are probably some big changes going on within you. Death in dreams can be tied to change and rebirth. Consider if anything big is happening in your life right now if you are quitting old habits or developing new ones, if perhaps you’ve ended an old relationship or struck up a new one. 

This dream could also be a sign that you are afraid of the unknown—death signifies something dark and uncertain in your future that you don’t want to face. Maybe you are about to move to a new town or neighborhood, or there’s a big decision you need to make soon where you can’t know the outcome. Try to remember that the unknown isn’t always a bad thing. It can be full of excitement and thrilling new opportunities for you that are just waiting to be uncovered. The way that you die in your dream can give you a hint at what this dream is trying to tell you, too. If it was a scary, violent death, then the dream is more likely to be related to some anxiety in your waking life. If you die a peaceful death, however, it might mean that you are feeling a sense of peace about the changes coming your way.

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An Ostara Birthday

Every Spring Equinox, I have to admit I feel lucky. The sun has officially entered my astrological sign of Aries, and I feel a surge of newfound energy and confidence. Technically I wasn’t due to make an appearance until early April, closer to my dad’s birthday. But eager little me, I couldn’t wait. I got a kick out of my mom later telling me that she nibbled on jellybeans as she started to go into labor early at my grandmother’s house in Oshkosh. Because of all of these things, this time of year fills me with a renewed sense of hope and strong purpose. I start to review personal goals for the year and make notes about what can be realistically accomplished. It’s also a perfect opportunity to try something out that I’ve been meaning to, in celebration of new beginnings and my birthday on March 23rd. Here are some samplings of adventures I’ve embarked on that I would highly encourage for anyone restless with those first stirrings of spring:

Go to one of those paint/wine studios. Whether you’re artistically inclined, curious, or been meaning to get back to it, this is a great experience. Leave your inhibitions at the door and give yourself permission to indulge your creative side. Lots of these places play fun music in the background while you paint and are pretty informal. Grab a like-minded pal and share a bottle of wine as you aspire to be the next Dali or Picasso.

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A New Landscape

March is the month of the spring equinox.  Day and night will be equal and spring is in the air, except in Wisconsin where we just got six plus inches of snow.  In Wisconsin, March is a turbulent month filled with any kind of weather from mild to blizzards. 

Spring is supposed to be about new beginnings, renewal of life.  It’s all about change which can come about easily or be tumultuous.  Winter has weeded out what we no longer need and hopefully prepared us for the changes we need to make.  The chaff is gone, has been discarded and recycled in order to make way for what will come.

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A Ritual For New Beginnings

I adore ritual. I couldn't imagine going through my life without those wonderful moments of devotion and pause and reflection. Whether you look at ritual as a grand event shared by a coven or a whole tradition or the simple act of stopping to smell the roses on a walk, we humans tend to love our special moments. Interesting side note: Quite a few of our furred and feathered friends also engage in rituals, but that's another story.

January provides us all with the great opportunity to take a big breath in and hit the reset button. Every year for more than a decade, I've taken part in a sweet, private ritual to mark the passing of one year and the beginning of the next one. My partner and I look forward to this ritual each and every year. It's basic and yet contained in the simplicity is a tremendously profound act.

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