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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Falling Dreams

This super common dream usually symbolizes losing control. The terror you might feel in your dream as you fall from a skyscraper, airplane, represents the fear you have about managing all the responsibilities in your life. Perhaps you’re trying to juggle homework, extracurricular activities, chores, and hanging out with friends. It’s a lot. And it’s ok if you can’t manage it all anymore. Let go of your desire to be in control of every little thing. Dreams about falling can also be a sign that you are dealing with some insecurity. Is there anything happening in your life that has you questioning your self-worth? If so, remind yourself that you are doing the best you can and that you are worthy of happiness and light.

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Rarest Dreams of All: Lucid Dreaming

Has this happened to you, Dear Reader? You are in a dream and aware that you are in a sleeping and dreaming state and can actually direct your own show! This kind of dream is rare, and it is not well understood at all. It does sound pretty great to be able to control your dream and make it happen as you want. There are even training courses where you can learn to become a lucid dreamer. Lucid dreaming is when you are aware you are dreaming while you are asleep. Some people compare this to experiencing a real-life video game. May all your dreams be happy ones!

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs
Grounding Meditation
  1. Because the world we live in today is very much about getting in your head and staying there, many of us have to make a concentrated effort to become grounded and in touch with our bodies and with the natural world around us.

    Grounding is the technique for centering yourself within your being, getting into your body and out of your head. Grounding is the way to reconnect and balance yourself through the power of the element of earth. When you see someone walking past talking on their cell phone, you know that they are not grounded.

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Scry Deeply For Your Vision of Change!Inauguration Day2017

January 19.2017
Sun in Aquarius
4:24p.m. (EST)

4th Qrt. Waning Moon in Scorpio

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

I believe most people hide behind their own mask, often more than one.  I go to work and put on my work mask.  I get together with friends or family and put on the mask they expect.  I have another for strangers - my too polite mask.  

Masks are needed in our world.  If you wear your heart on your sleeve or go without a public mask, you're in for a rough ride in our harsh world.  Masks can offer protection and comfort.  I know when I'm with certain people we will banter and tease.  I know when I'm at work, I put on another mask of polite efficiency when sometimes I just want to stay home and write.  

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