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Sowing Seeds for Forthcoming Bounties: A Waxing Moon Incantation

When the first narrow crescent of the waxing moon appears in the twilight sky, place a green candle on your altar beside a white lily or freesia. White flowers have the most intense aromas. Anoint the candle with tuberose or rose oil. Take a handful of seeds, such as sunflower, walnuts, or pistachios, still in their shells, and place them in front of the candle.

Close your eyes and recite aloud:

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Under the Waxing Moon: A Spell to Banish Bad Luck

Your altar is the heart center of your home, holding the energy of your sanctuary. Yet the world is constantly coming in and bringing harmful energy over your threshold—problems at the workplace, financial woes, or bad news about new virus mutations or the climate crisis. All this negativity wants to get in the way and stay. While you can’t do anything about stock market crashes, the rate of inflation, or a coworker’s divorce, do not allow this bad energy to cling to you. Instead, you can do something about it with a home-keeping spell. The best time to release any and all bad luck is on a Friday the 13th or during any waxing moon. As you know, Friday the 13th is considered a lucky day on the witch’s calendar.

Get a big black candle and a black crystal, a piece of white paper, a black pen with black ink, and a cancellation stamp, readily available at any stationery store. Go into your backyard or a nearby park or woodland and find a flat rock that has a slightly concave surface.

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New Moon, New Attitude

With ushering in the New Moon on Friday the 19th, comes the opportunity for new possibilities. Meditate during this waxing moon phase about what that means to you, exactly. Whether you’ve been wanting to try a new look fashion-wise or give a room in your home a new makeover, sometimes a fresh perspective is all that’s needed to brush off those lingering winter doldrums and doubt, once and for all. It could go deeper, though.

How New Do You Want to Get?

 Search your heart. Have you been wanting to radically change some bad habits, behaviors, or patterns of thought that no longer serve any purpose for you whatsoever? Some of these old go-tos can actually hold us back from embracing a new, stronger, truer self. When you meditate, see what comes to you instinctively, first and foremost. Ask, what is high time that I left in the dust in my life?

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Bejeweled Blessing: Waxing Moon Spell

The word “glamour” was originally the word for the ancient art of shifting one’s appearance and its effect on the beholder, which over the centuries became linked to the idea of “enhancing one’s beauty through artifice.” The arts of magic can still be used to accomplish this purpose; bear in mind that the truest beauty comes from within. You can enhance it greatly with this charm. This ritual is best performed during the waxing moon. Gather up:

• Vervain, thistle, chamomile, and elderflower
• Salt
• Your favorite jewelry


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This spell will ensure a faithful relationship. You will need:

• Magnolia buds gathered under a waxing moon
• Honey

Sweeten the magnolia buds with honey and brew in a tea, sprinkle in a salad, or stir into a soup. Chant this simple spell as you brew or stir:

Lover be faithful, lover be true.
Give thy heart to nobody but me.
This is my will.
So mote it be.
Before you both consume the honeyed magnolia buds, whisper this wish:

Honey magnolia, goddess’s herb,
Perform this enchantment superb,
Let (lover’s name) and I be as one.
With this, the spell is done.

Seal with a kiss between you and your lover. Then feed your lover, and his or her loyalty will never stray.
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Botanical Bliss: Garden Your Way to Happiness

For healing, plant sage word sorrel, carnation, onion, garlic, peppermint and rosemary.

For dispelling negative energy, plant heather, hawthorn, holly, hyacinth, hyssop, ivy, juniper, periwinkle and nasturtiums.

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