A talisman is an object that has been imbued with power. It can also provide protection and has magical properties. A talisman can be any article or symbol that you believe has mystical qualities. As we know, many gems and crystals have special innate powers. With a talisman, the special powers can be naturally present or instilled during a ritual. People often confuse amulets with talismans, but they differ in this significant way: Amulets positively protect the wearer from harm, evil, and negativity. Talismans actively transform the wearer to have certain powers. For example, the supernatural sword Excalibur, imbued with supremacy by the Lady of the Lake, gave King Arthur magical powers.

Grimoires offer instruction on making talismans. The reasons for using talismans are many—for love, for wealth, for luck with gambling, for the gift of a silver tongue, for a good memory, for the prevention of death. Whatever you can think of, there is probably a talisman for that exact purpose!

 -Aquamarine is good for attracting wisdom; it is also a guard against malevolent spirits.

-Bloodstone brings luck and is good to wear during travels.

-Carnelian is to the devil as garlic is to a vampire—keeps him away!

-Chrysolite drives away evil spirits and promotes peaceful sleep, especially if set in gold.

-Diamond in a necklace brings good fortune and lends force and valor. This dazzling stone should always touch the skin and works best when it is received as a gift.

-Emerald can cancel out the power of any magician!

-Jade offers protection, especially for children, and guards their health. It also creates prosperity.

-Jasper is reputed to be a defense against the venom of poisonous insects and snakes.

-Jet set in silver will help expel negativity.

-Moonstone is another boon to travelers and brings fortune and fame.

-Turquoise is believed to be great for a horse’s gait if affixed to the animal’s bridle.