It's Wednesday's and Pugsley's big sword-fight scene in the school play.

A severed limb thuds to the ground. Blood sprays the front rows.

The camera pans the audience: horror, incredulity, disgust.

All but the Addams Family.

They're loving it.

I'd gone with some of our sister coven to see Addams Family Values.

There we were, a row unto ourselves among the pastel suburban families, laughing at all the wrong times.

Just like on screen.


Pagans. We're our own people. We see things differently. There's a look to us. And we laugh at all the wrong times.

We're not just marching to a different drummer. We've got our own band.

Hell, we've got our own musicology.

Pagans. We're not just a religion.

In some ways, we're more like an ethnic group.