Protection charm


You will need:

A small crystal, shell or similar item to use as a charm.


This works well with a small crystal but you can use whatever you are drawn to, maybe a shell or a feather but you need to be able to carry the item with you.


If you can sit outside then do so.  Make yourself comfortable with the crystal in front of you.  If you are able to place it in direct sun or moonlight then even better, but in front of a candle flame also works well.  Sit quietly and gradually enter a meditative state.


Allow the positive energy from the crystal to enter your body on each breath you draw in and allow any negative energy to escape each time you breathe out.


Next expand the energy from the crystal so that it starts to surround you with a strong positive light.  Let it envelope you completely (but not restrictively) in a flexible bubble forming a body shield around you.  Enjoy the feeling of protection, move about, stretch your arms and legs and feel how the shield moves with you.


When you are ready focus on your breathing once more and allow the energy bubble to dissipate back into the crystal.  Carry the crystal with you as a tool to tap into any time you need to activate a personal protection shield.





Photo by Devin H on Unsplash