My journey on the Path of She began thirty years ago.

At this time, I was in my mid-twenties, totally lost in the mainstream culture, with a business degree and a promising career in a blue chip company, living a material, achievement-driven life that neither fed my soul nor gave me joy.

Then one fateful night, on a Winter Solstice eve, the Goddess came to me in a dream. Though I wouldn’t remember this dream until many years later, my life was set on a new course.

In my dream, a silver shining path appears that leads down, down, down into the dark belly of the Earth. I hear a voice, “come, you are ready, you are ripe,” a Mother calling Her lost daughter home.

An aching hunger arises in me, a longing from the very depths of my soul, and I follow this path, down, down, down to Hecate’s realm — the Goddess who is the Mistress of the crossroads, and guardian of our human destiny.

She bids me to look into Her magic cauldron and shows me the raw, naked truth of my life story — the beauty and the wounding — all that I’ve forgotten and denied, the very things I’ve been running hard from, and undreamed of possibilities sleeping just below the veneer of my waking reality. Then She asks me to choose how I will live the rest of my life.

I make a vow to remember Her in my waking life, and find my way home to Her sacred ways.

Shortly after this dream, in early February of the following year, I had a serious ski accident that literally and energetically cracked me open. My skull was fractured, and my face temporarily disfigured from a facial palsy.

For the next eight months, I found myself on the fringe, exposed to the ugly underbelly of our social order reserved for those deemed unworthy and undesirable; a place where strangers felt at liberty to cruelly ridicule, harass and repulse me.

Rather than beat me down, this experience set me free. Though I had been roughly pushed out of the safe world that I knew into a harsh and abusive one, I was unafraid and undiminished. The stripping away of my outer beauty made me consciously aware of my inner beauty and strength, and of the profound circle of love and support of my family and friends.

My Path of She travels with the Goddess had begun. Like the tales of Persephone and Inanna, this journey led me inward and downward into the mysteries that underlie waking reality and the shadow places of my inner landscape. Layer by layer, I was stripped bare of my waking world masks, conditioning and wounding so I could remember myself and my life story in its raw, naked truth — the beauty and the wounding.

Deep, heart-wrenching, life-transforming change came, constant and unrelenting. For everything that was taken away, and every dysfunctional and painful part of my life story I had to embrace, something far richer and nourishing was given in their place.

Piece by precious piece, I gathered back the lost fragments of my true beauty and best nature, kissing them gently into place, until I deeply remembered my Self. Experience by profound experience, I came to know, in my soul and in my flesh, the Goddess mysteries that are a natural, innate part of our humanity and our world.

Now, thirty years later, I’m no longer a lost daughter. I’ve found my way home to my true Self, my profound womanhood, and the Goddess. I live nestled in the forest on a magical island on the Canadian West Coast with my beloved family and community, writing and teaching the life-transforming ways of the Goddess that are now as natural to me as breathing.

I invite you to walk the Path of She with me, where light co-exists with shadow, the mundane with the mysteries, and beauty with wounding. As you travel this path, you aren’t meant to push away or transcend the gritty parts of your life, but to fully engage them as the content and catalyst of your healing and transformation.

You never walk the path alone. The Goddess is your constant guide and teacher, gifting you with whatever you need to do this essential, sacred, hard, hard work of mending your soul, reclaiming Her life-centered ways, and helping create a new, kinder, more sustainable and loving world.

Come, I reach out my hand to you. Let us walk this path home together.