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Giant German All-Black Turnip (Brassica rapa pernigra)

Long believed extinct, this legendary heirloom turnip from the Harz mountains in Germany has long been prized by cognoscenti for its sumptuous all-black flesh. 

Yes, unlike other so-called "black" turnips, the German All-Black has sweet, meaty flesh that is just as black as its skin! 

Just think: no more need to laboriously stain those turnip slices with expensive, carcinogenic dyes! Just slice and serve. (The skin is so tender, you won't even need to peel 'em.) No messy clean-up either.

These cylindrical, pleasingly phallic roots (up to 13" in length) will make prepping for your next Black Mass fiendishly easy. 

Best of all, only three full-grown German All-Blacks will easily provide enough "hosts" for a Grand Coven of 169!

From germination to altar: 39 days.

This treasured heirloom variety is said to have sprung directly from the seed of the Dark Master Himself, after it splashed onto the ground during a particularly wild sabbat in the 1500s. 

Your toes will curl up backwards with pleasure.

A Black Mountain Seeds Exclusive!

Packet of 169 seeds: $6.66