One of the common topics brought up in conversation with me is how I go about bringing my spiritual practice into my life in more authentic and regular ways. People remark that sometimes they feel like perhaps they're not as Pagan as they could/should be when they just do stuff eight times a year, or when they need to cast a spell or send healing energy. Here's at least one thing you can do to bring that spiritual path under your feet every day instead of just eight times a year.

I find the most basic, and yet one of the best ways that I can more deeply root my spiritual path in my life is through what I call the morning veneration. While it's not mandatory that you have a patron deity for anything I describe on this site, I find that it can make it easier to get ones mind into the thing.

The morning veneration is nothing more than a short space of time after waking up, where you recognize the gift of the day you've been given, where you place yourself in that moment, and not in the day's "to do" list, and experience true gratitude for every calming breath. You don't have to be in a particular seated position, or do anything outside of focusing on that series of moments. If it helps, then please put on music, sit how want, burn some incense, whatever you need to help you, but make sure none of them are a distraction from being in that moment of gratitude.

Be grateful for now, and accept that it is a gift of which you should make the most. The best way to show that gratitude is to live today to the fullest, since that's for what such a gift is surely supposed to be used. Depending on how I feel that morning, I may choose to include my shower or bath in this morning ritual, especially if I wake up grouchy, and use the water as a way to wash away that grouch, to reset my mind to right thinking. I find jumping into a cold shower usually does the trick, then I can kick on the hot water.