Gaia Eros: Reconnecting to the Magic and Spirit of Nature

Gaia Eros:  
Reconnecting to the Magic and Spirit of Nature  
by Jesse Wolf Hardin
New Page Books, 2004


The day I received my review copy of Gaia Eros, my husband and I went to bed and took turns reading Jesse Wolf Hardin’s luminous essays aloud long into the night. At one point the sound of wolves howling came in through our cabin’s open windows. Their voices wove in and out of my husband’s voice as he read about sacred self-indulgence and the power of longing, heightening the meaning of Hardin’s words.

This powerful book about Gaia’s mysteries and blessings will inspire similar loving exchanges between partners of any gender. Ultimately about how we can better celebrate our relationship with Gaia, the Earth wisdom contained in this book can help us manifest this relationship with our loved ones and in all aspects of our lives.

For many years Hardin has lived in a sacred canyon, a place of ancient power and ritual in the wilds of New Mexico. He and his partner, SageWoman’s beloved columnist Loba, operate the Earthen Spirituality Project and Sweet Medicine Women’s Center (www.earthenspirituality. org.) They host workshops, guided quests, wilderness retreats, and resident internships.

I live in a place of similar wildness, so I am particularly receptive to Hardin’s voice in Gaia Eros, which resonates with passion and wisdom. However, I believe his is a universal message — one that is accessible and crucial for people regardless of gender, lifestyle, or home-place. In these essays about the Earth as our primordial mother, he provides instructions for connecting better to Her spiritually and living more mindfully.

I particularly enjoyed his chapters about sacred sexuality — how celebrating our sexuality is part of tending to and loving the natural world. Other chapters address subjects such as the ecology of community, health and wholeness of Earth and self, tools for enchantment, and sacred ground.

Hardin’s lessons about rightful living with the Earth will enrich any Pagan or Goddess-centered practice. Recommended.

Christina Eisenberg.

» Originally appeared in PanGaia #42

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