Podcast Interview with Anne Newkirk Niven



Anne Newkirk Niven, Editor of
Witches&Pagans Magazine
Dave Grega of
Pagan Centered Podcast.


Here's the interview that Pagan Podcasting did with Witches&Pagans editor Anne Newkirk Niven.

Originally broadcast September 28, 2009.

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The following is a time index of this podcast:


00:00 Welcome Anne Newkirk-Niven to the show
00:10 Thanks again for publishing Jason Pitzl-Waters’ article about Pagan New Media in the final issue of Pan Gaia
00:54 The combination of New Witch and Pan Gaia into Witches and Pagans is a great synergy
01:32 Pagans and Witches will be theme issues so it is a comprehensive journal of record
01:54 Depth of information and editorial quality of Wiches and Pagans is unparalleled
02:46 Anyone should be able to dive into Witches and Pagans without preconditions
03:31 Comprehensive coverage in the first issue on the Faery Culture
04:28 BBI is trying to make Witches and Pagans something that you will keep
04:43 Anne’s take on Jason’s article, trying to get him to talk about old media.
05:10 The benefits of print media in the Pagan community
05:24 Dave discusses why he stopped reading magazines years ago
05:32 Quality information is all available in one source with Witches and Pagans as opposed to being scattered around the internet.
05:50 What different media does for different people
06:55 Quality of what you find on the internet vs. Pagan print media
08:07 Mixing of art and written word in print media
09:53 Channeling the flood of information that is available
10:15 The tangibility of print media
10:33 Physical media tend to have more thought put into them, especially with regards to research.
10:58 Healthy trade of back issues indicates that the material being printed is not outdated despite being printed years ago.
11:45 Going beyond the surface fluff to sustain onself in the long-term
12:20 Getting beyond the 101
12:51 Signal to noise ratio on the internet vs. a magazine
13:07 BBI screens their advertisers.
14:27 BBI is reader-centric
15:06 BBI media doesn’t let their magazines get overrun with ads
15:59 About Crone Magazine
17:31 What’s it like to do a podcast?
18:59 How did you get into the business of running several Pagan magazines?
22:47 BBI considering branching out beyond magazines
23:02 Monetizing new media
23:58 Why New Witch and Pan Gaia magazines were merged
24:41 Pan Gaia never found its audience
25:15 How New Witch came to be
26:09 The anti-witch sentiment in the Pagan community
26:52 People don’t want anything with the “W” word in their mailbox or on their coffee table
27:36 Are folks against the W word because of discrimination?
28:14 BBI Media has discrete packagaging but that wont stop nosey postal workers from opening the package.
29:18 Some people are just paranoid
29:40 Pagan magazines face the same issues as magazines for mercenaries
30:27 BBI does discrete packaging at no additional cost.
30:54 More folks overseas are subscribing to the magazines of BBI media
31:24 How the heck is PCP popular in the UK
31:31 BBI’s difficulties in entering the UK market
33:42 BBI is a family business ran in a daylight basement.
34:57 Mean people suck
35:27 Faery issue being the first issue causing complications with readership?
35:40 The faery issue was supposed to be a Pan Gaia issue
35:58 Anne rants on the misrepresentation of Faery
38:09 The UFO phenomenon and people seeing Fae, is it caused by the same thing?
38:59 Doing an issue of a magazine that took Fae seriously, exploring many facets such as Cherokee Fae
39:55 The Fae are not your dog.
40:40 Angels
41:12 Doing more spellwork when we’re younger
41:55 There are many interesting people that participate in the Pagan community
42:33 What makes someone Pagan?
43:29 How did I get here?
43:57 Anne tries being a public school teacher
44:29 BBI media is doing decently strong while so many other Pagan magazines are succumbing to the economy
45:46 Why many Pagan magazines fail
47:42 Getting all Pagan’d out
48:36 Relocation to Portland should help BBI’s magazines
49:34 There’s a lot of Pagans in Texas

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