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Evergreen: A Year of Yule Tree Crafts and Rituals... A Wand for Spring

A wand is a magical tool, an extension of the power within your own hand, projected through the wand, to affect the world via your Will. The Yule tree was once a living reflection of the wand’s magic. It drew its own strength from the earth—it’s source—much as the wand draws its strength and direction from your Will, channeled through you. The Yule tree directed water and nutrients upward through its trunk, expressing these elements outward as branches, needles and pine cones. They, in turn, affected the world by providing shade, shelter, protection, food, and the seeds of a new generation. Therefore, at a time of freshly flowing sap, and the awakening of nature, a wand can be fashioned from the offering of branches of the old tree, copper wire to conduct energy, and quartz crystal to focus it.

The crafting of an Equinox swag carries the seeds of the Yule spirit forward. If you need to backtrack a bit, have a look at our introduction to this year-long magical project and tips for preparation and storage. If you do not have access to a Yule evergreen, fallen branches from other trees can be used for this craft. Use your favorite resource to identify the tree from which the branch came, and what energy that particular tree will bring to this work.


  • 5-7 slender flexible Yule tree twigs
  • 12-14” long with balsam removed
  • Copper wire
  • Quartz Crystal or other stone or crystal of your choice. Points work best, but tumbled stones can also be used successfully.
  • Glue gun
  • Optional: beads, and/or small crystals, shells and stones with holes drilled in them so that they can be threaded on the copper wire

Tips to make this a greener craft: When using recycled materials of this nature (especially articles of clothing) be sure that the material is clean and free of stains. Sprinkle with salt to remove any unwanted energies and associations that may be attached to it. Telephone, internet and cable service providers discard bundles of scrap wire—some of it copper—every day (the wire is often coated with a rubber in different colors and patterns). Check with your local provider for the availability of their scrap wire (some businesses will give it away); pieces that are too short for their use are perfect for craft projects.


  1. Bundle the Yule tree twigs so that all the cut ends are together and even. Trim the bottoms of the twigs if needed.
  2. Cut a length of copper wire that is at least twice as long as the length of your twig bundle.
  3. Starting 1.5” - 2” from the top of the budding ends, weave the wire through and around the twigs. The small crystals, stones, shells or beads can be threaded through the wire as it is being woven through the twigs.
  4. When you are about 1” - 1.5” from the cut ends, wrap the copper wire tightly around all the branches until you reach the bottom of the wand. Trim any excess.
  5. Cut a smaller length of copper wire and wrap it tightly around all the branches about 2” from the top of the wand.
  6. Nestle the crystal in between the branches at the top of the wand, and secure it with a few drops of hot glue.






While sitting in a quiet Circle, light incense and a white candle. Take 3 pinches of sea salt and add them to a bowl or chalice of water. Stir three times dossal with your fingers. Holding the wand in your dominant hand, use the fingers of your opposite hand to bless the wand with the salted water three times. Next, pass it through the heat of the candle flame, at a safe distance, three times clockwise. Pass it through the smoke of the incense in the same manner. Finally, take a deep breath and blow down the length of the wand from the crystal tip to the end. Do this three times. Elevate the wand overhead, still in your dominant hand, then point it with both hands to the East, South, West and North, saying as you go:

Powers of earth, air, fire, sea

Bound now in this wand, and me,

Flow like magic, flow like sap,

Hand to wand – there be no gap.

Bless this wand and charge it well

For the purpose that I tell!

At this point, if you have created your wand for a specific purpose, such as healing, calling the elements/casting Circles, for blessing other tools, etc., state it aloud and clearly in the East, South, West and North.

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Natalie Zaman is the author of Color and Conjure and Magical Destinations of the Northeast. A regular contributor to various Llewellyn annual publications, she also writes the recurring feature “Wandering Witch” for Witches & Pagans Magazine. When not on the road, she’s busy tending her magical back-garden. Or shopping.


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