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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

I am dangerously close to thanking Indiana.

Someone had to test the waters. While there are at least 20 states plus the federal government who have passed so-called “Religious Freedom Restoration Acts,” Indiana’s was singled out because, as Pagan lawyer and blogger John Halstead explains, it expands the definition of “persons” who can be protected and it allows the use of the law as a defense in civil suits. In other words, it gives people and private business owners with religious objections a potential shield to discriminate against the gay community.

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If I could write for an empty room, a totally empty audience, I would be incredibly prolific. 


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  • Rick
    Rick says #
    Instead of a pentagram, maybe you could find something that identifies you to others like us - if you want. You could wear a moon
  • Rick
    Rick says #
    1. Be politically incorrect. It is fun. Just being a witch is politically incorrect. 2. How will you know you are wrong if you don
  • Lee Pike
    Lee Pike says #
    Thanks for your thoughtful comment Rick. You make some very good points. The horse has indeed bolted on this one and now that I am

Posted by on in Culture Blogs

(Horner Park in Chicago)

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Posted by on in Signs & Portents
PaganSquare Is Now on Tumblr!

That's right, as of 3:17 p.m. today (Pacific Standard Time) we have joined the Tumblr community.

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Posted by on in Culture Blogs

Sobering food for thought -

I have always rejected the idea that TV, movies, video games and other forms of entertainment media cause us to become more violent.  I believe that we can face imaginary scenarios without attaching ourselves to them and examine hypothetical situations in ways that encourage us to think.

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  • Carol P. Christ
    Carol P. Christ says #
    Military training should be a feminist and a pagan issue. The other day Ted was writing about masculine role models. We need to pr
  • Kveldrefr
    Kveldrefr says #
    For tens of thousands of years, males were conditioned by evolution to be warriors, protectors, and hunters. You're not going to c
  • Aryós Héngwis
    Aryós Héngwis says #
    "I note that the little girl's (tragic) death took place in China, which has for centuries gone down the path of devaluing of the

Posted by on in Studies Blogs
Kool-Aid & Amrit


In the last several weeks I've seen links and posts buzzing around in the Pagan social media realm related to the topics of dishonorable leadership, the warning signs of a bad magickal group, cult awareness, and so forth. This is nothing new and indeed at least once a year there seems to be a flurry of this kind of interest. One of the earliest Pagan writers on this topic was Isaac Bonewits, founder of Ár nDraíocht, who in 1979 created the first version of his Bonewits Cult Danger Evaluation Frame. It was quite good and updated versions of it are readily available online. Certainly wherever human beings are involved, there is the potential for all manner of dysfunctional behavior. I certainly think that we should be vigilant and on guard against systems, groups, or individuals that make the fulfillment of their needs paramount over our personal spiritual development. On the other hand, and this is where this blog post is headed, our fear over the potential for exploitation has its own unhealthy cost.

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  • Gwendolyn Reece
    Gwendolyn Reece says #
    Let me start this comment by saying that I agree with the primary sentiment that we ought not to be overly afraid of having teache
  • Ivo Dominguez Jr
    Ivo Dominguez Jr says #
    This is exactly the sort of discussion that is needed. Thanks Gwendolyn! I think it is important to create formal relationships i
  • Jae Sea
    Jae Sea says #
    The amount of mis- and dis-information out there does make it more difficult to parse out informed teachers for one's chosen path
  • Leanne Pemburn
    Leanne Pemburn says #
    From my typical position of naivety, I can't recall ever having been warned away from working with a teacher. This attitude expla

Posted by on in Paths Blogs

A cross-post this week, if I may - between here at my first blog 'home', and the wonderfully eclectic 'Witches & Pagans' site (because if you can't 'moonlight' as a Pagan, then who can?).

I am very aware that I haven't written anything at either location for a couple of weeks. I could give excuses - ultimately, the days have flown past and life has been more important. I'm sure we all know how that goes. Instead, take a wander with me, if you will.

Regular readers know that one of my favourite places for inspiration is as I walk the dog across the hilltop where I live. This evening I wandered the streets, looking out at the fierce clouds parting after an intense rain and thunder-storm just a few hours ago, the remnants of a rainbow, and the slightly 'stunned' feeling of a normal, modern, country village after a violent and unavoidable incident of Nature. The grass is rich and green, the snails appear to have made a small bypass across the path outside one particular row of houses, and the occasional early bat is swooping overhead.

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