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What to Expect from a Reader


It's all well and good to want to go to a reader and see what he or she may have to share with you. However, you, as the client, have to have some very realistic ideas about what your reader can offer to you. Knowing what to expect from your reader can go a long way to the reading being an uplifting and satisfying experience.

Not long after I'd started reading professionally, a client asked me if they were going to do something that they did not want to do. She did not want to share with me what the situation was, and she got rather upset with me when I tried to explain to her that I could not predict whether she would do it or not, as I could not take away her free will.

No psychic reader will ever take away your gift of choice. That is your birthright. No psychic reader will ever predict whether you are going to eat pizza or salad for lunch. You have the right to choose. What happens if we predict you are going to eat pizza? You could eat salad out of defiance, just to prove that we are all charlatans.

A good psychic reader will not promise you that you are going to meet the love of your life on a particular date, for you have the free will to stay at home and read a book instead. A good psychic reader may be able to give you hints about your life-mate's personality, and advise you what to seek in a mate, but a reader worth their salt will never tell you what eye-color or hair-color your future partner will have because quite frankly, it simply does not matter. The color of someone's eyes has no relevance on how loving and caring that person can be towards you.

If life presents you with something that you have doubts about doing, then don't do it, or at least, give it more thought. Asking a psychic whether you are going to do it or not is not going to give you the answer. It is your life, and it has to be your choice. If you feel the choice is inappropriate, don't choose it. If you do choose it, and find yourself in a situation that is unwanted, then make another choice to get out of it. This is where a good reader can give you some very sound advice about how to turn things in your favor. Remember though, even the best advice is just hot air unless you are willing to listen.

Professional psychic readers often find themselves stuck between what clients expect of them, and what they can really offer. (I blame Hollywood for a lot of that; it's very easy to predict the end of a situation when the actors have it scripted for them – ha ha!)). Clients often expect them to share all the details of this future dreamboat, right down to their shoe size, and when we can't, we're told we're not psychic at all. Clients have to understand that there is a vast difference between a fortune teller, and a psychic counselor. Understanding that can mean the variance between a successful psychic reading, and one that leaves the patron feeling unfulfilled.

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Charlie Rainbow Wolf is happiest when she is creating something, especially if it can be made from items that others have cast aside. Pottery, writing, knitting, and Tarot are her deepest interests, but she happily confesses that she’s easily distracted, because life offers so many wonderful things to explore. Charlie has been reading the Tarot professionally for over two decades, and can't imagine life without it. She is an advocate of organic gardening and cooking, and lives in the Midwest with her husband and special-needs Great Danes.


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