This November 3rd, 2018, we held our Autumn Grand Ceremony (Shuuki Reitaisai) and the 120th year anniversary of our shrine's founding in Yokosuka.



In 1898, the shrine was founded and was kept succeeded. It survived the two World Wars, the Great Kanto Earthquake, and more. The shrine still stood in order to be a place of healing, rest, and solace for those seeking guidance and help.

And to this year, 2018, to the next year, 2019, and the years beyond, I hope and my wish to Kami-sama is that this shrine can continue to be that place for many more years to come.

This time of year is very important in Shinto to give thanks for the past year so far, as well as giving thanks for a good harvest, and pray for a safe and peaceful Winter season until Spring, which then another Grand Ceremony will be held.

With a grateful and sincere heart, in this ceremony we give thanks to great nature, the universe, and the spirit of these, Tenchi Kane no Kami-sama, for the many natural blessings and workings.



The main offerings we prepared for Kami-sama, to give thanks for the blessings and bounty of nature 

It was such a wonderful ceremony and so many people came, I was surprised. I was actually so tired out from the day, from all the energy, power, and Ki of everyone and especially Kami-sama that it was so overwhelming, but so good! I am very thankful to everyone who could come and make it.





All the worshippers attending the ceremony, as well as enjoying naorai (sacred feast) after the ceremony! (faces covered for privacy)

The preparations went smoothly as well, and we completed everything just wonderfully!

In addition, when you look at the photos, you'll see a large amount of pet bottles of tea and juice.

These were actually offered by people as Masafumi sensei and I do outside toritsugi (essentially a safe and free space where we listen to others troubles) near Yokosukachuo station! So much love and gratitude to everyone.

One of the core pillars that makes Shinto as Shinto is the importance of community. Of supporting, uplifting, and connecting the community as a whole. For priests, this is especially important as you are doing all this, as well as connecting the deity and people too. To bring everyone together in a safe community and welcoming sphere.

I hope that we can continue to uphold this, and do more outreach for our community in Yokosuka as well as to the global sphere around us. 

A side note: my next article will be released Friday Dec. 7 - and from then on I will be updating every Friday! Please look forward to it.