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Numerology and the Page of the Tarot Cards

I've been doing a lot of work with the court cards in the tarot, recently. Some of this is due to the projects on which I'm working in my mundane job as an author, and some of it is my own research. The correlation between numerology and the tarot has piqued my interest. However, the court cards aren't numbered, so how do you go about reading them when using numerology? Do you simply count them as 11 (Page), 12 (Knight), 13 (Queen) and 14 (King)? What if there were another way of looking at them? 

What I've found has resonated with me—and your mileage may well vary—is to look at the court cards as a more complex set of numbers, rather than just as court cards. In numerology the number 11 is known as a master number, and it does seem to resonate well with the energy of the Page. It's a combination of both 1 and 2. As the Page is the first card in the second part of the suit, the first card in the court cards, it also takes on the energy of both 1 and 2. 

11 is also a number of insight and intuition, where there's a sensitivity and an idealism. Many interpretations of the Page see this card as a youth, and who of us wasn't ideal and sensitive when we were younger?! Along with that youth comes the big dreams, attempts at expressing ourselves and finding our creativity, and the mistakes that mortify us but which everyone else fondly recalls at all the family gatherings when we're older! I think the Page embodies all of this, too. 

The master number 11 also has a tendency to reveal where our insecurities lie. In our youth, we're doubtful of whether we're ever going to grow up, sitting painfully on the fence between childhood and maturity and not knowing which way we're going to fall. We have so many ideas, yet sometimes no definite goal, and that makes us wobble, and doubt whether we're ever going to find the answers that our young hearts are seeking. 

Like the Page in the tarot though, we do find our way forward if we heed the messages that the universe sends to us. When we tune in, we know that we'll move on from the youthful innocence of the Page to the exuberance of the Knight, older and wiser but still only on the brink of maturity. There's much opportunity here, much room for growth and progress. There's also the opportunity to fall flat on our faces, too! It all depends how we approach the lessons that the Page brings us. Mindset is everything! 

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Charlie Rainbow Wolf is happiest when she is creating something, especially if it can be made from items that others have cast aside. Pottery, writing, knitting, and Tarot are her deepest interests, but she happily confesses that she’s easily distracted, because life offers so many wonderful things to explore. Charlie has been reading the Tarot professionally for over two decades, and can't imagine life without it. She is an advocate of organic gardening and cooking, and lives in the Midwest with her husband and special-needs Great Danes.


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