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Recent blog posts
Blessed Be: Housewarming Ritual

If you are not very crafty, like me, you can blessing your hone by tying bundles of herbs to your front door, When you and your true love move into a new home, place a bundle of dried hops, lavender or yarrow representing long lasting love on the front door. Walk through the door, light your favorite rose incense and a pink candle, and sit together in the center of the front room.


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Deep in an Icelandic Archive, the ...

A Rede to the Bookish

There was once a certain dwarf named All-wise—in the Norse tongue, all-víss—and aptly so, for he did indeed wish to know all things. To this end, he studied day and night, nor was he ever to be found without a book in his hand.

One night, so sunken was he in his studies, that he forgot to look for the coming of the Sun.

When its first light struck him, in the way of those sons of Earth, he was turned to stone, and so exploded. Such was the end of All-wise the dwarf.

Let this be a rede to the bookish. Books are good, but they are not the world.

The name of All-wise the dwarf lived on in the memory of the Northmen. In time, they brought it with them to the kingdom of England where, having undergone the softening of years, we know it now as Elvis.

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Solar Twin in Star Cluster ...


Though I asked around, no one could remember who you were or (as we say of children) who you belonged to.

I have a message for you anyway: a message, and a blessing.

In the photo, you're five, maybe six years old. You're curled up on the couch next to young Damien, arm slung around his neck, cheek pressed to his.

You are radiantly happy.

Ah, young Damien: beautiful son of perfectly ordinary-looking parents. Leading-man looks, and indeed, his acting career took off from there. I gather that he's still doing stand-up these days.

Damien. He does look a tad embarrassed by your unabashed adulation. Seventeen, eighteen, maybe, at the peak of his shine; does he understand what's really going on here? Regardless, he receives it magnanimously, bless him for it.

And you. I look at your picture, and I think: 60 years ago, that would have been me.

In any given place, you seek that beauty, and when you find it, you gravitate: as water flows downhill, as a wandering planet draws nigh its fated star. Why, you don't know; it never occurs even to ask. But when you see it, you fly to it, as by nature. Given a place there, you rest content. From here, as Plato would have it, all the rest of the good unfolds.

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Witch Craft: DIY Sweet Dream Pillow

To secure lasting love from a nascent romance, a love pillow can cast a powerful, binding spell. This spell works best if you use a soft, homemade pillow.

On a Friday, take two yards of pink satin fabric and stuff it with softest goose down and the dried petals of a red rose you’ve grown or received from your lover. Sew it with golden thread while you whisper:

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What Trump jury's media consumption ...


So: a jury of twelve regular janes and joes had the courage to do what Mitch McConnell and his nithing Senate Republicans did not: to find the Criminal Trump guilty of his crimes.

Whatever the future may bring—stalling appeals, a corrupt and partisan High Bench, denial of a second loss—we have at least that much: twelve regular Americans, striving to do what's right.

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The Lady of the Lake

Keywords: Guardian, Enchantment, Mystery, Femininity, Intuition, Destiny, Magical Gifts, Balance of Power


Known also as Nimue or Viviane in different versions of the stories, the Lady of the Lake is a powerful figure of the Arthurian legends whose role shapes the destiny of more than one man. Her actions often maintained or shifted the balance of power in the Arthurian world. Her origins blend ancient Celtic water goddess motifs with medieval romance. She serves as a guardian of the lake, of the mystic isle of Avalon, the sword Excalibur, and a mentor of knights and warriors such as Lancelot.

This card arrives as a messenger from sacred, liminal realms like Avalon and speaks of one’s natural intuition, inborn wisdom, destiny and the divine feminine. The Lady reminds you that you are guided and supported by forces beyond the visible world. This card may signify a pivotal moment where you are called to step into a significant role or embrace a higher purpose. It highlights the importance of mentorship and guidance, either as a mentor yourself or in seeking guidance from others.

The Lady of the Lake teaches the vitality and the power of femininity. She demonstrates this power when pursued by an infatuated Merlin, and she learns and uses his own spells and enchantments against him, sealing him in a tree (or cave, depending on the version).

While the Arthurian stories, events and characters may seem overwhelmingly male, there is much feminine influence and control underlying everything. It is the women of the stories; the faeries and enchantresses and queens, who shape the men and the outcomes. Almost all the men of the story, at some point or another, find themselves lusting after a particular woman and this leads either to their compromise or downfall. Nimue understood male weakness and how to use it for her own purposes. While this may sound manipulative and toxic, it illustrates the necessity – often for survival – of working around male brutality and impulse with feminine craft and cunning.

The Lady’s story underscores the necessity of using one's unique strengths to navigate challenges and maintain balance. Just as she wielded her enchantments to shift the fates of those around her, you too are encouraged to recognize and harness your own innate abilities in order to take charge of your own fate. This card calls you to honor the mystical and unseen forces at play in your life, to embrace your destiny with courage, and to trust in the protective, guiding energies of the divine feminine.

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Minoan Star Maps

In Ariadne's Tribe, our mythos is intricately interwoven with our sacred calendar. This connects the stories of the deities with the movement of celestial objects, from the Sun and Moon to the planets and stars. When we look up in the night sky, we see those stories spread out in sparkling array above us.

The Tribe mythos is organized into micropantheons, with each small group of deities having their own story cycles that are reflected in the stars. Micropantheons have been around in the Mediterranean since at least the Bronze Age, possibly earlier, so it's likely the Minoans had multiple ways of viewing the constellations depending on which deities their personal spiritual practice revolved around.

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