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There is no such thing as just a deck of cards. Each deck has a special energy or story to tell. They have a very distinct purpose and tend to be heavily imprinted with the essence of their creators. This blog will explore both tarot and oracle decks and delve into their story, their purpose and how best you as a reader can utilize the gifts and abilities each deck has to offer.

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A Journey of Rebirth With the Tarot de St. Croix

My review today is not the one I had planned. In fact I have a hard drive filled with other reviews that really should be posted before this one. However this deck is speaking the loudest, is pulling me more to it and has just captured my heart. I am speaking of course of Lisa de St. Croix's stunning deck Tarot de St. Croix.

This deck arrived in my mailbox Easter weekend and has not left my hands since. It has mesmerized me, entrapped me and left me longing to experience more. Yes I am still talking about a deck of cards. I could feel the energy of this deck before I even opened the bubble wrap postal envelop. This energy only intensifies the moment you get it into your hands.

This deck is not just a journey through the 78 tarot cards but it is a journey through 4 years of Lisa's life and you feel it in every single card. The personal stories and sacred snippets of Lisa's journey are what gives this deck its true power. Some of my favorites are her story of the fool, death, the 9 of cups and the page of pentacles.

There are also times you feel like she is reading your mind and energy sharing your own story.

As I personally feel like I am being reborn into a newer more upgraded version of myself this deck has been timely. Getting it on Easter Saturday just enhanced my own personal journey of self discovery and bonded me even more with the energy Lisa has created with this deck.

Lisa has done something very interesting with the layout of the little white book that comes with the deck. Instead of having the cards in suits she arranges them by numbers and groups. So instead of finding all of the cups in one section, you find all of the aces, all of the twos and so on grouped together. I have to say I really like this layout and found her book very easy to navigate.

The cards themselves are printed on fantastic stock by Devera Publishing and fit in the hand comfortably. The little white book is printed in full color, another really cool bonus with this deck. This deck has a lot of orange in it and I mean a lot. For me all of the orange only added to the warmth of this deck, but if you are not a warm tones fan I can see how this might be visually off putting. I do encourage you to try and move past all the orange and allow the cards to really speak to you as they have a powerful message to share.

I am giving this deck a 4.5 star rating and highly recommend it especially if you are going through a rebirth phase.

If you want to find out more about Lisa and her work you can check out her site by clicking here.

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Leeza Robertson is the most nonspiritual spiritual person you will ever meet. Her resistance to the New Age way of life set her on spiritual quest like no other. This began in 2006 when Leeza was first introduced to the concept of power animals. Then in 2008 she had her very first encounter with the fae world, which lead to her numerous radio interviews on shows like the very popular Tarot Talk. In 2009 Leeza lost her site due to a sinus infection. In this 3mth blindness she started seeing tarot spreads and cards along with images of the people the readings where for. In 2011 Leeza made a conscious choice to take her relationship with tarot to a much deeper level and that is when she began writing about tarot, the cards and teaching others the many mysteries of the ever unfolding path that is tarot. Today she is a member of the American Tarot Association and runs a monthly study group called Tarot and Tea. In 2013 Leeza was approached by Llewellyn World Wide to produce her very first Tarot deck, The Awakened Animal Tarot. Through the creation of this deck Leeza has forged an even stronger bond with the cards, their energy and the deeper aspects of their archetypal teachings.


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